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In another study, N. Beauchet et al. (2013) [[@B12-ijerph-16-00348]] conducted a randomized trial aimed at comparing the implementation of a comparative intervention using a minimal intervention model and a typical intervention model. The authors concluded that the most effective model is based on the introduction of a joint training course for all the participants (traditional model). For that, the traditional intervention achieved an effectiveness of 88.9% at the end of follow-up (P = 0.02). In the minimal intervention model, effectiveness was 80.5% (P = 0.9), but the actual effectiveness was lower (74.6%; P = 0.1).

4. Discussion {#sec4-ijerph-16-00348}

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first systematic review on the topic of interdisciplinary collaboration, looking at the available evidence on its effectiveness and its impact on health care professionals.

The strengths of this review are the comprehensive search strategy, which was based on a risk of bias assessment and the broad inclusion criteria, which were based on the engagement of as many professionals as possible. Another strength is the quality of the data, which is high, and the fact that the systematic review has been published.

One of the main limitations is the fact that although this is a systematic review of the effectiveness of interdisciplinary collaboration, the interventions were not presented and analysed according to their complexity. On the contrary, they were analysed at the level of “feeling” and “impression”, in particular, feeling well informed about the other professionals

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